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Summary of the International Workshop Great White Pelican Migration over Israel: Management of Ecological Demands and Conflicts with Inland FisheriesPelecaniformes international Workshop summary: ecol
Published on: 15.2.2015
Zev Labinger, Ohad Hatzofe
Summary of an international Workshop of researchers, professionals, stakeholders and government officials representing countries along the Great White Pelican's migratory route in order to evaluate the unique GWP stopover situation in Israel. The workshop was held in Israel and organized by the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) and the Israel Ornithological Center of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI).
The workshop focused on three main subjects: 1. Pelican populations and migration studies. 2. Pelican management and aquaculture conflicts worldwide. 3. Pelicans in Israel: aquaculture conflict, management and research.
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